How does this work:

  1. Connect your accounts, by registering on the Payoneer directly from the Pausal app and get many benefits
  2. Start with creating a new invoice and enter all necessary information
  3. Turn on the Payoneer button on the invoice and send it to your client
  4. The client will receive the invoice, with an option for instant payment to your Payoneer account using a bank transfer, credit card or eCheck
  5. This option provides all data for the transaction already predefined from the invoice - your client only needs to choose the payment option, enter his data and execute the payment
  6. After the payment is made, funds appear on your Payoneer account and this invoice is marked as Paid in PAUSAL automatically


Note: Get paid with Payoneer is available only on foreign invoices.

Serbian Law on Foreign Exchange Transactions doesn’t allow transactions between two residents of Serbia in any foreign currency, but only in RSD. As Payoneer isn’t a registered institution in Serbia, it does not support RSD currency and so it’s not possible to use this feature on the domestic invoices.

You can find out more about using Payoneer in Serbia on our blog.


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